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Be Transparent

This week I sent out a newsletter to my readers from another blog simply plotting out the struggles I had faced this past week. The response I received when I simply asked for prayer is truly overwhelming.

I think in an effort to hide our brokenness we have learned to hide what we are truly going through. Sometimes even leaders from churches, or ministries, feel it is only appropriate for the small group of leaders to know about the decisions that are being made about the church or ministry. But I can only imagine what God will do if the body of Christ, and leaders, were a little more transparent in EVERYTHING, especially their brokenness.

Brokenness makes us human. When we are transparent with those around us, instead of fighting to be better than the next person we become a TEAM that is fighting together to resist the enemy that is trying to destroy us.

The enemy is very sneaky. Oh how he delights in seeing us retreat behind the wall of pride we build. We are so cautious not to reveal too much because we might look too weak, or not good enough. In our efforts we become isolated and alone, and we are right where the enemy wants us to be.

If things aren’t changing in your life right now, be transparent. If your ministry or church isn’t growing, be transparent. Tear down those walls of pride, and open up the truth to everyone around you. It’s really OK to be broken, and when we reveal our weaknesses to those around us God will bring us the strength we need to help build up the body of Christ and to help grow our relationships and our ministries.

He will give us the strength and in the end He will be glorified. Often we like to hide behind pride because we want all the glory. But when we are willing to be transparent and humble our hearts, then God gets the glory…

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  1. Lourdes M. Velandia-Calderon says:

    I had to think more than twice to leave this message. but you are absolutely right and even though I don’t know you personally your message is absolutely right. I think 1 of the consequences for bottling things up and trying to fight my own battles is so much stress upon stress filled internally and physical illness

  2. Authentic transparency, also. In an age where every Tweet, Status update, and blog attempts to convince us that simply “sharing” is being transparent…we are realizing that it’s not. May we continue to humble ourselves to a world built on self-preservation…and may they see Jesus. :) Great post!

  3. Mary Fortenberry says:

    The Lord led me to your book tonight and I am in awe of His grace and mercy towards me! This book has opened my eyes to the pride that binds my soul! As I now seek to humble myself before God, I thank you for writing this book and am so blessed by reading it. God bless you and your ministry!

    • Thank you for this comment, Mary! God is amazing isn’t He? Praying for you and this journey you are now taking to break the pride that is in your life. Remember, God is so gracious and His grace will cover you on this journey and in life. :)

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